Tin Shed
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Tin Shed

Garden Cafe

Laughter is brightest where food is best.

At the Tin Shed Garden Cafe we believe that energy travels through food: not just caloric, but spiritual energy. Our goal is to give the food a good ride from farm, to grocer, to the Shed and to you.

We pride ourselves on providing only the freshest, most wholesome products. Our beef, chicken and eggs are all free-range. Our coffee is organic, shade-grown and blended to our specifications right here in Portland. Our dairy products are packed locally using no growth-hormones, the salmon is wild… you get the picture.

And when you are done, we compost 100% of your left-overs. Because it is not just the destination, but the journey.


Diners Drive-Ins and Dives
Food Network

Guy Fieri from the Food Network stopped in to film at the Tin Shed, for the episode "Comfort and Soul".

Good Food America
Z Network

Nathan Lyon from "Good Food America" also visited recently. See him go behind the scenes with co-owner Janette Kaden.

KGW News
KGW Portland Channel 8

A local news station stopped by to check out our benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The Tin Shed



1438 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211

We would love you to join us. We operate on a Walk-in only basis. So come on in! We are unable to take reservations. We serve brunch from 7 am until around 3 pm; lunch Monday through Friday only; Happy Hour starts promptly at 3 pm until 6 pm; and Dinner from 3 pm until 9:00 pm during our winter hours and 3pm until 10 pm during our summer hours.
We are located in the cozy heart of the Alberta Arts Neighborhood.


Tin Shed is a part of a large community of farmers, ranchers and other organizations. In 2016, Owner Janette Kaden opened The Stand Family Farm in Corbett, OR. One of her long-term dreams was to open a farm so she can provide as much of the produce needed at Tin Shed. She wanted the term “farm to table” to really mean something and for our guests to know that their food was grown with love and with them in mind. She also worked at the Urban Farm Collective that works to bring neighbors together to transform vacant lots into neighborhood food gardens for the purposes of education, community building and improving food security. Owner Christie Griffin also decided in 2016 to start bee-keeping. When the bees are busy, we boast of the most delicious blackberry fragranced local honey. The hope is that once Christie and the bees become more established, we will feature more bee-related products.

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